medical waste incinerators china

  1. Ensure flame contact with all gases is achieved. –yes
  2. Ensure residence time is not less than two (2) seconds. –yes
  3. Ensure the gas temperature as measured against the inside wall in the secondary chamber & not in the flame

zone, is less than 1100oC. –1000-1200 oC


  1. Ensure the oxygen content of the emitted gases is not less than 11%.–yes
  2. Ensure both primary and the combustion temperatures are maintained until all waste has been completely



5     Particulate Removers A mechanical particulate collector has to be integrated after secondary combustion

chamber for removal of particulate pollutants entrained in the flue gas stream. The particulate collectors may comprise

some of the following or a combination thereof:


Cyclone separator

Electrostatic precipitators

Fabric filters— filter brick

6     Chimney / Stack  1.    The topography and height of adjacent buildings

within 50 meters radius should be taken into consideration. –6 meter already, can plus 4 meters, free cost



  1. If possible the chimney should be visible to the operator from the feeding area.—according to local site
  2. The addition of dilution air after combustion in order to achieve the requirement of these guidelines is


wind speed x 2) whichever is higher to ensure no down washing of leaving gases. . –yes

  1. The minimum exit velocity should be 10 m/s and at least twice the surrounding wind speed (Efflux velocity =




  1. Point for the measurement of emissions shall be provided. .–yes


7     Instrumentation   Instrument for determining the inside wall temperature and not burner flame temperature has to be

provided for both primary and secondary chambers. –yes


below the required temperature.

  1. An audible and visible alarm must be installed to warn the operator when the secondary temperature drops to

Capacity       Not less than 500Kg/hr.

Operation     24hr-7days/week continuous operation.

Combustion chamber 2 combustion chamber.

Temp.    First combustion chamber 800-1000 C.

Secandry combustion chamber 1000-1200 C, with the possibility to be updated to 1400

Secandry combustion chamber 1000-1200 C, with the possibility to be upgraded to 1400