Medical Waste Incinerator PROPOSAL


I. Dimension of the Incinerator 4,410 W x 3,037 L x 4,836 H mm

II. Ability of the Incinerator Medical waste 50 kg/hr. Set feeding (low level calorie value: 4,000 5,000 kcal/kg)

III. Utility

Utility problem for the incineration devices operating is the adhering to.

1) Gas: Light oil or Kerosene

2) Electric Power

Electric Motor

-0.1– 110kW: AC 220V x 3PH x 50Hz

– – Below 0.1 kW: Air Conditioner 220V x 1PH x 50Hz Control Circuit

– – MCC control: A/C 220V x 1PH x 50Hz

– – Instrument: Air Conditioner 220V x 1PH x 50Hz

– – Switch Over Gear: Air Conditioning 220V x 1PH x 50Hz

2. Door -to-door transport, Setup, Commissioning and Training

3. Prices quotation

– – Cost needs to be supplied in Ethiopian Birr (incl. VAT)