large scale incinerator

Programming controls.

planned method. Appropriate prepurge, ignition, postpurge, and modulation ought to be verified. A stopwatch ought to be used

for confirming periods of time.

?     The satisfactory operation of the fuel control solenoid valves for all requirements of

operation and shutdown should be verified.

?     A low voltage test ought to be run on the incinerator unit to satisfactorily demonstrate

the fuel supply to the burners will be automatically shut off before an incinerator malfunction results from the

reduced voltage.

?     Switches. All switches must be tested to verify proper operation.


high-capacity, powerful, European Standard incinerator,ideal for high volume incineration,with integral after-burner

for increased efficiency and emissions control.

Waste Type and Burn Rate

Designed specifically for use by poultry farmers,

sheep farm owners,   abbatoirs and for pet

cremation. The incinerator will burn up to 50kg of

waste per hour (up to 150kg burn


Mild steel welded fabrication composed of sheet steel

and structural department supports.


Monolithic high grade refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing.


Fully automatic, high-efficiency burners with electronic ignition, fire recognition and combustion control devices


Loading — Ash elimination

Manual ash removal from the primary chamber. (Ash doors are available on request).

Exterior finish

Multi-coat high quality, high-temperature aluminum enamel top coat paint, finished in silver.