the Entire carcass of animals (Horses, Cows,

Burners should be available in the fuel tank (diesel ).
Which are taken care of from another place by the operator.
Graphic photos.
? PLC controller as well as a built-in temperature panelita full.
Automated control, a control computer program, which can be kept.
? Should be a two-chamber burners, main as well as additional.
The devastation of 1000 kg/ hr. Burner capability is calculated.
Products from the gas oven.
Discovery system.

? Made to work in long mode as well as quick
Also throughout the process. Incinerators will need to be provided.
? Tidy the burner should be simple tools,.
? The minimum ability of the pet carcass incinerator.
? Opening up Doors – – the closed and also dependence Automated system,
In order to achieve the appropriate impact.
Sheep, pigs, and so on), in addition to naturally hazardous waste
Must be installed on the generator.
Temperature as well as 5% – – 95 percent – of moisture conditions.
Feasible to lessen (about 5% clean and sterile ash.
? It has to be feasible to use the burner +40.