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In a simple design with a metal steel drum electric. including:
Includes all necessary accessories
A combustion chamber with fireplace with a filter to retain ashes;
Residency time in second chamber    2.0 seconds
External Dimensions
Semiautomatic control board
A turbine  letting the supply of the atmosphere.
(primary chamber)
Recommended Spare list
Min. operating temperature    9500C
Fuel    Diesel Oil 8/ kerosene
Width    620mm
300 liter fuel tank
A cage for receipt of biomedical waste;
Width    1100mm
Max. operating temperature    13200C
Height     660mm
Height including flue    3500mm
A cover;
Plant burning rate – 100kg/hr

Fuel – Diesel oil   – 35 sec Redwood

Overall dimensions are as follows:

Width    2261mm

Length  3264mm

Chimney Diameter  –  390mm

Chimney Height      –  8000mm
Length    2000mm
Internal Dimensions
Chinese incinerator manufacturers, We process 8-10 ton waste of sheep carcass and its byproduct each day. We are searching for the gear: combustion burners(combined fuel supply:natural gas and diesel),control panel and filter system. The diameter of the incinerator is 20 cm. Lower calorific power of the waste is 4KW/KG. Heating power 4000KW

·        Capacity 100 kg/hr of waste containing up to 85% moisture

?      Two combustion chambers

·        Two fully automatic, oil fired, pressure jet burners

·        Panel board

·         Diesel tank of capacity 250 It. With 2 petrol pipelines, valve and filter.
Type: for creatures waste
Ave Capacity    50 mph
Weight    1850kgs