Animal burners up for sale


Expired Medicines Liquid.
Waste liquid pharmaceuticals, various kind fluid chemicals for treatment, medical oil as well as paraffin based finished medications

Ended and/Or Contaminated Food.
Waste lead acid batteries, drained/ un-drained as well as complete or smashed

Hazardous Medical Waste.
Cloths, absorbents, cardboard, oil and fuel filters, air filters are not considered as unsafe products

Electronic Waste.
Waste electrical or electronic appliances or settings up, including printed circuit boards having harmful product and/or hefty metal and/or discharging reduced radiation

Utilized Battery Cells.
? User’s manual to be offered in English and French


Dangerous Solid Chemicals.
? The Burner works with a 55 gallon open finished steel drum
Mostly diesel or gas contaminated by water or solvents

Employed and/or Polluted Oil.
? Each unit is provided with two steel drums, to be certain that a spare is easily available.
? The unit operates without fuel and used only 120v or 220v electrical power for the blowers
Waste oils/water, leaches, hydrocarbons/water mixtures, emulsions and also leachate

Infected Dirt.

Utilized electrical motor oils or mineral oils unfit for their originally intended usage.
Spoiled fresh food or moot dish ready to eat meals (MRE’s) completely dry food

Unsafe Fluid Compounds.
Soil dealt with as well as changed on site

Oil Polluted Solids.
? Service warranty– minimal one year from invoice as well as approval.
? Unit may melt oil contaminated waste and also medical wastes with a moisture substance of 0 to 15%.
Dirt polluted by petroleum gas of chemicals,.
Scientific as well as associated waste emerging from clinical, nursing or similar strategies and waste generated in facilities throughout the examination or treatment of individuals (biography threat)

Ended Medicines Strong.
Soil contaminated that has to be reused in landfill,.
Dry battery, ups battery or other types unsorted waste batteries/battery cells, having products that are detrimental

Used Lead Acid Batteries.

Ended and/Or Contaminated Food.
Spoiled fresh food or pointless dish prepared to eat meals (MRE’s) completely dry food