Animal body Parts , various other biomedical waste , body organs dung

11.     Opening lid    Large top open归g lid (Approx. 700 mm x 500mm) for
5.     Type of Bumer operation    Automated diesel fired
Opera恤19 temperature of 1∞o deg C or more
Incinerators for conversion of waste to nice ,white sterile
Ash with no visible smoke or odour
Comnuss!Onmg    lndusive  of  civil  functions (brick  wall  incinerator  house
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7.     Secondary chamber    Slid heath
10    Size    Compact design favored
easy loading
Onsite  demonstrationjperformance  evaluation and  adequate training of employees on the use of incinerators.
8.     Temperature control    Digital temperature control and display
6.     Primary chamber    Solid hearth
12.     Fuel tank    100-150 L

13.     Civil    works,    installation    and
No    Attributes $_pecific tions
Of  the  quoted  incinerator  must  be  included  in  the
Running temeeralure of 850 土 50 deg C or more
9.     Power supply    220V for control Box
2.     Load capacity    300 – 4∞Kg (max )
Type of waste for disposal    Animal  body  parts,other  biomedical  waste,organs dung, bedding materials,plant p缸ts and food itemsι{
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Electric power supply line to light incinerator house and to control box of the incinerator